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John T. Harrington Forestry Research Center at Mora

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Research at the John T. Harrington Forestry Research Center at Mora focuses on woody plant physiology and restoration ecology. The center is unique in the state of New Mexico. Presently, researchers at the center work in the areas of restoration ecology, carbon sequestration, forest genetics, tree improvement, forest biology, silviculture and agroforestry.

John Harrington, left, superintendent of NMSU's Mora Research Center, and Mora County rancher John Bartley select a tree for the 2005 Capitol Holiday Tree project. New Mexicans donated a massive, 80-foot Christmas tree for the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, as well as dozens of smaller "companion" trees for federal offices in Washington, D.C. Across the state, forest landowners like Bartley are participating in the companion tree project.

Contact information

John T. Harrington Forestry Research Center at Mora
PO Box 359
Mora, N.M. 87732
Phone: 575-387-2319
Fax: 575-387-9012
Email: moraasc@nmsu.edu

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