Current Projects

Nucleation restoration planting after fires.

Funding: CREST grant, McIntire Stennis

Controlling competing vegetation and animal damage on planted seedlings in a post-fire environment.

Funding: CREST grant, McIntire Stennis

Assessing stock type and planting windows on seedling performance in a post-fire environment.

Funding: CREST grant, McIntire Stennis

Drought-conditioning of Populus tremuloides and Pinus ponderosa seedlings during nursery production modifies anatomy and physiology.

Funding: McIntire Stennis, US Forest Service, Sales

Genetic variation in aridity adaptation among Pinus ponderosa populations.

Funding: McIntire Stennis, Northern Arizona University, Sales

Aspen restoration in the southwestern US.

Funding: McIntire Stennis, Utah State University, University of Alberta, Sales

Assisted migration – defining seed transfer guidelines for Pinus ponderosa in a changing climate.

Funding: National Park Service, McIntire Stennis

Southwestern white pine blister rust resistance gene conservation.

Funding: US Forest Service, NM State Forestry, McIntire Stennis

Seed transfer guidelines for Pinus ponderosa.

Funding: US Forest Service, McIntire Stennis

Range expansion for Pinus edulis, Pinus ponderosa, and Pseudotsuga menziesii in the Jemez Mountains.

Funding: The Nature Conservancy, National Park Service, USGS, Sales, McIntire Stennis

Runoff and sediment yield in areas subjected to different forest thinning operations in a northern New Mexico forest.

Funding: Water Resources Research Institute (NMSU), Range Improvement Task Force (NMSU), Sales

Thermopsis Montana gene conservation for restoration.

Funding: Institute of Applied Ecology

Maritime forest restoration on the Southern Atlantic Coast.

Funding: St Simons Land Trust, Purdue University, McIntire Stennis, Sales